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Have a makeover party at home

SIR RICHARD Branson’s cosmetics and jewellery business, Virgin Vie, is building on the success of its fantastic business in the UK by bringing its gorgeous array of products to Portugal.

Virgin Vie was set up in 1997 with the brief to design cosmetics and skincare products, using the latest technology, improving on what’s been done before and doing it without the hefty price tag that comes with department store brands.

Virgin Vie jewellery was launched in January 2005 and now consists of more than 130 exclusively designed and handcrafted pieces, influenced by the latest fashion trends, taking inspiration and ideas from around the globe.

Get a few friends together and you can receive expert advice from a Virgin Vie trained consultant and a chance to try all the products before you buy them. It’s about getting a free facial or makeover, learning some tips of the trade and having fun! Just imagine gathering a few friends, a bottle of wine and all the make-up you could ever want to play with – you’ve got the makings of a fun evening!

For many people, with increasing demands on their time, as they juggle work and family commitments, buying direct from a consultant either at home or in the office is becoming the new way to shop.  

• To book a party and a chance to try all the latest products in the Virgin Vie skincare and make-up ranges, telephone Susan on 914 888 772 or Tel/Fax 289 322 842. As a hostess of a Virgin Vie party, you will even be entitled to lots of free products!