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Have a holiday in the name of charity



Following the success of a humanitarian aid and relief mission to the Gaza strip earlier this year, Algarve residents Grant Fitzsimmons and Linsay Carmichael have set up a fundraising competition to fund a new mission to take medical supplies to Palestine in October.

“We have created a small society lottery, which is legally registered with the Newcastle-Under-Lyme Borough Council in the UK. Entrants who buy a lottery ticket, costing 10 pounds sterling, will be entered into a draw to win a week’s stay at our luxury three bedroom villa with a swimming pool in Vila do Bispo and 500 pounds spending money,” said co-organiser, Linsay Carmichael.

“We wanted to give something back to people who donate to this very worthy cause and decided that offering this great prize or a cash alternative of 1,500 pounds sterling was a great way to raise the funds we needed,” she added.

Both Linsay and her partner Grant aim to raise 20,000 pounds from the sale of 2,000 tickets, which will be used to buy an ambulance and fill it with medical supplies to join the next convoy to Gaza that will be leaving Westminster in London on October 4.

“People on the ground in Gaza desperately need help. During the fighting, hospitals and medical centres have been badly damaged or destroyed, children are malnourished, there is so much that these people need and they are so grateful that someone out there cares and is aware of what is happening to them,” said Linsay (see the Algarve Resident edition, March 27).

 “Since our website went live, we have already had interest from local businesses in the Algarve and hope that this will continue. We welcome anyone who would like to sponsor this trip, fundraise for this cause or join us in the convoy,” said Linsay.

The winner will be able to take their holiday between October 17 and 31, 2009 or opt for the cash alternative. There is also a second prize of 250 pounds cash and a third prize of 150 in cash.

Tickets for the lottery, which is open until August 23, can be purchased through the secure Paypal payment system via the website, available in English, at www.winaweekinavilla.com. Alternatively, please telephone Linsay Carmichael on 968 184 668 or email linsay.carmichael@gmail.com for more information about the Viva Palestina charity and tickets.