Have a holiday  for charity

Lottery tickets are still available for a chance to win a holiday at a luxury villa in Vila do Bispo or a cash alternative, as part of a fundraising competition tofund a mission to take medical supplies to Palestine later this year.

British resident Linsay Carmichael said: “More than 400 tickets have been sold so far for 10 pounds sterling each. It is a good start but we need to sell lots more. Residents and visitors to the Algarve who would like to buy a ticket can now do so at Bar Bacchaus at Porches Pottery.”

Both Linsay and her partner Grant aim to raise 20,000 pounds from the sale of 2,000 tickets, which will be used to buy an ambulance and fill it with medical supplies to join the next convoy to Gaza that is due to leave Westminster in London in October

The lottery winner will be able to take their holiday between October 17 and 31 this year, or opt for the cash alternative. There is also a second prize of 250 pounds cash and a third prize of 150 in cash.

For more information, please visit the website, available in English at


Alternatively, call Linsay Carmichael on 968 184 668 or email


The closing date for the purchase of tickets is August 23.