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Have a Cleanaer life

Air purifying system, Cleanaer, designed and developed by UK company Atrium Innovation, has received the seal of approval from the British Allergy Foundation for its revolutionary technology in eliminating bacteria, allergens and other airborne particles by 99 per cent, therefore reducing the risk of infection.

The compact, environmentally friendly Cleanaer air purifier uses new patented electrostatic spray technology that is able to significantly reduce dust and other particulate matter from the air.

Alan Jones, chief executive of Atrium Innovation and also a partner of the Enova Group in Lagos, told the Algarve Resident: “The partially charged droplets (minute liquid ions) that are released from the Cleanaer device into the air attach themselves to airborne particles and remove them by knocking them to the floor.”

According to Alan Jones, the Cleanaer device is “ideal for hospitals, smoking rooms and veterinary clinics”. In fact, he said, “animal lovers should seriously consider installing the Cleanaer in their homes” as it has been proven to be effective against pet allergens such as fur and skin flakes.

As an example, for a two-storey villa, Alan recommends installing a device in each floor. However, people who suffer from allergies, hay fever or asthma should also consider having an additional device in their bedroom as Cleanaer claims to remove airborne particles that can trigger allergic reactions.

Cleanaer is available in different fragrances such as lavender and basil & lime, effectively removing bad smells and freshening the air.

For more information about the Cleanaer system, please contact the Enova Group in Lagos on 282 960 964 or visit www.cleanaer.com