Hatha-Yoga classes in Lagoa

LAGOA’S CULTURAL association, Idéias do Levante, has started two more classes of Hatha-Yoga, led by Corinne Braga.

Hatha-Yoga believes the body is a vehicle for the spirit and, over the years, has evolved and proven to be the most popular form of Yoga throughout the world.

At the headquarters of Idéias do Levante, there will be three beginners’ classes a week, Mondays (2.30pm – 4pm), Tuesdays (6.30pm – 8pm) and Wednesdays (10am – 11.30am). For the classes, you will need comfortable clothes, a yoga mat and cushion.

A monthly subscription to the class is 20 euros for members of the association and 30 euros for non-members. Class numbers are limited to a minimum of six students and a maximum of 10. Subscriptions can be made via www.ideiasdolevante.net or by calling 965 017 845.