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Hassle-free investment into a European holiday paradise in addition to a second passport

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The Portuguese Golden Visa program is considered as one of, if not the best, residency investment-schemes in Europe.

Whenever an entrepreneur brainstorms about a new business model, there are always three important considerations prioritised. Namely the project’s profitability, tax optimisation and, most importantly, the exit strategy.

Global politics are in constant flux, and not always in the direction we are comfortable with. A political change can bring economic consequences and result in not just financial restraints but even constraints to one’s personal life. Capital can be easily diversified as part of an international investment strategy, but what about your personal life? Potential travel restrictions or problems with visas have already derailed quite a few life plans. When planning your investment decisions, a factor that shouldn’t be forgotten is also your private life!

On the other hand, some countries are desperate for fresh capital or injections into the economy and offer in exchange for investments not only a second residence but also significant tax-advantages and with enough patience even a second passport. One of these programs was launched by Portugal as a reaction to the 2008 crisis, which left the country in urgent need of international capital. It has been a huge success, raising billions of Euros over the years.

The Portuguese Golden Visa, also known as the residence permit for investment activity, can offer investors a carefree future in Europe and free travel within all 26 European countries. It has become an absolute success story and makes Portugal a highly attractive destination for international investors, which, for a reasonable investment, can grant for themselves and their family the right to live, work and study in a beautiful country and access to all public services including healthcare and education.

The icing on the cake is the opportunity to become a permanent resident or a citizen of Portugal in only five years. Having achieved this, the world is open, to travel to 186 countries without the need for a visa, which makes the Portuguese passport one of most sought-after in the world.

Portugal, and especially the southern coastal region Algarve, offers not only political stability but also 300 days of sunshine, a dreamy landscape, fantastic food, low cost of living, expansive coastlines, friendly locals and an incomparably high quality of life. English is the second language of the region, which in the last 20 years has welcomed hundreds of thousands of expats, who know hold permanent residency there.

In the Algarve region an investment of 500.000 €, be it in one property or several smaller ones, will automatically qualify one’s family for The Golden Visa program. Loans can be taken, however from a non-Portuguese financial institution as the intention of the program is to bring foreign funds into Portugal. Should the property however be more costly, the exceeding financing can be taken without any problems from a local bank.

We have selected two investment opportunities in the central Algarve, minutes away from the next beach and lots of golf courses but still only 40 minutes to the next airport. Both located in and around the beautiful coastal town of Carvoeiro and available directly from the developer without the need of a middleman.

The first one is Carvoeiro Gardens, a brand new complex with only 18 houses, but including a mini-golf & putting green course, all-year-round heated pool and an opening date of April 2022. House prices start at 500.000€ and even offer a turnkey rental guarantee program.

Those looking for USP’s in addition to an interesting and profitable investment opportunity will be at the right place with the soon opening resort The Vines. It is the first buy-to-let solution that is integrated into an Algarve wine resort, located amidst picturesque vineyards. Quinta dos Vales is located in a peaceful corner of paradise, known for its award-winning wine and unique sculptures scattered around the property. All only a few minutes’ drive away from the next golf course, beach or even marina. This project targets multiple buyer groups, from holiday makers to investors, who all have something in common, a love of wine.

The low unit-costs of 172.000 to 295.000€ (even including a small vineyard) makes it an affordable investment with a large buyer base, seen from the perspective that a Golden Visa investor might wish to sell their units on after the obligatory holding period of 5 years. Three or more of the suites as a package will not only quality the investor for the Golden Visa application but also offers a risk-free investment with rental guarantees for the first 4 years.


The Vines
The Vines

Quinta dos Vales