Hashish bales “washing up on beaches between Lagos and Sagres”

Large bales of hashish – each weighing around 130 kilos – have been washing up along the Algarve coast between Lagos and Sagres.

The bales began appearing on Tuesday (Meia Praia), then Wednesday (Praia da Pinhão, Lagos) and Thursday (Martinhal). In all, four have been recovered, with a street value of many thousands of euros.

According to Maritime Police, the drug has probably been in the water for the last two weeks, but is “well conserved” within waterproof covering.

The bales are “all very similar, in terms of weight and the way they have been packaged”, Lagos Ports commander Carvalho Pinto told Correio da Manhã, and they are thought to have come from Morocco.

The theory is that they must have been dropped during a botched handover on the high seas, says CM.

Police are now keeping an eye on the coast to see if any more bales wash in before Christmas.