Has Tony Blair been taking lessons from Portugal’s José Sócrates?

Dear Editor

I wondered whether your newspaper might have any idea if one of the esteemed visitors to Évora jail recently had been the former PM of Great Britain Tony Blair?

Has Mr Blair been taking lessons on how to answer inconvenient questions from our incarcerated former leader, or is it the other way round?

Certainly his answers to allegations that he is pocketing £8 million a year in advisory fees to the “despotic regime” of Azerbaijan were almost exact copies of those given by José Sócrates in answer to all the supposed charges facing him! In fact, when one reads the Sunday Times article “Beleaguered Blair quizzed over millions”, it does make you wonder at the mindset of the man we blithely voted into office.

“Tony Blair has embarked on a career of personal enrichment and has blurred the lines between his public and private interests,” Andrew Bridgen Conservative MP for Northwest Leicestershire contends.

We spend a lot of time talking in Portugal about the corruption and old-boy networks at play, but clearly it is going on in even the most apparently transparent of countries.

The only difference, for now, is that Tony Blair has not been sent to jail!

Name and address withheld