Happy student!

Dear Resident team,

I know that I thanked you in person before I left, accompanied by three chocolate cakes! But I thought I would just drop you a short note so you will have something to remember me by!

During my stay with you, I was lucky enough to learn many skills that will help me on my journey into the big bad world! Whether it was learning how to use an Apple Macintosh and producing two brilliant pages (special thank you to Tiago who put up with my annoying questions) or whether it was just feeling more confident every time I picked up the phone!

Most of all though I enjoyed getting to know all of you very ‘spiffy’ people! Thank you, Sheena for letting me experience the ups (and downs) in business life, Inês, Louise and Caroline for making me feel welcome and putting my nerves at bay on my first day. Vânia for teaching me that the boring stuff at school we are forced to learn really does matter later on in life. Helen for letting me annoy her at reception and Rob for putting up with all the random phone calls I would pass through to him, and of course Brenda, Linda and Margaret whom even though I didn’t work with – I knew were always there if I needed help.

Finally, my tutor Mrs Evans has asked me to pass on her thanks and appreciation for your help.

Lucie Critchley