Josh or Reiji before he became Josje

Happy stories of rehomed dogs

Tanking up and ready to go in their campervan are Suzy and her partner who have been helping Caroline England to look after Pet Park in Mexilhoeira Grande.

They are off back to Holland having had a good three months or so here in Portugal. Suzy is a veterinarian nurse and a foster mother here to the pets at the kennels. They arrived with their pet dog, 10-year-old Enya, an abandoned Romanian girl. They settled down fine, keeping busy. One day they came across ‘Doby’ or ‘Dobby’, a sweet little dog who had been on the streets for some time. Young, abandoned and in very bad shape, like all abandonees, he was loving, gentle and easy to train. Now, to find him a home!

“We can’t take him,” Suzy explained. “Enya, our dog, is too old. He is so young and full of energy.” Sad, but we can understand their problem. Time passes …

Articles and photos of ‘Dobby’ have been circulated through the Resident, Facebook, word of mouth …

APAA (Association for Protection of Animals Algarve) sponsored the quest for Dobby’s re-homing. Many readers will be aware that, over the months, APAA have had re-homing projects for abandoned dogs.

One such furry friend was – wait for it! – Reiji or Josh as he became known. A darling boy, cross-collie, brown and white. Sad eyed, no doubt because his loving mistress had passed away, and he was found by her side, confused. He’s of Dutch origin, as was Yvonne, who had brought him with her to Portugal. So, Suzy and Josje (new name, sorry!) became friendly. Enya decided that he was just the right sort of canine companion – mature, good looking! When Suzy and partner drive off, they will have two happy woofs at their side.

Hang on! What about what’s-his-name? ‘Doby’ or ‘Dobby’? Patience, please! Lisa Dowling, APAA’s Facebook editor, says: “Amazingly, he was spotted by David, a nice Swedish guy.” Lisa is more than enthusiastic. “He signs the contract and collects ‘Doby’ on Friday!” Elation!

There is a warm, wagging sensation for all at APAA, Pet Park and especially Suzy. Eventually, their endeavours, through the Resident and Facebook, have paid off. Just sometimes, through APAA’s network of members, friends and followers, little miracles can happen.

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Doby and David
Enya and Josje
Josh or Reiji before he became Josje
Suzy at Pet Park