Happy pills for Skip

Dear Editor,

Time to move on Skip Bandele.

Your correspondent Skip seems to have lost his happy pills, which in itself does not bother me. But is does bother me that through the copies of your otherwise excellent journal, he has chosen to remind us of something that we are all well aware of – that governments world-wide manage to make a complete and utter hash of governing and that their derisory results have an affect on most of us.

What Skip does not bring to the table is that most of your readers have chosen to make this lovely country their home; dare I say many of your readers are not interested in the machinations of Portuguese government and most of them enjoy living here in (generally) good climate conditions, under God’s blue sky, with all the things we should give thanks for each day. Yes, living in the Algarve has changed over the years – but standing still is not an option. Even those people with Skip’s grey and infertile imagination need a challenge and that is frequently what change brings us. I, for one, would far rather spend what is left of my life here than just about anywhere I can think of.

Let’s enjoy the life we have chosen here in Portugal – or take the next plane, train or car out of here.

Best wishes

JEAN BRAND, Carvoeiro