Photo of the three Portuguese language teachers at Centro de Línguas de Lagos in this new school year

Happy new school year!

Text by Centro de Línguas de Lagos

As summer fades, we are picking up the pace here at Centro de Línguas de Lagos as another new year starts. As we soon start a new academic year, we are pleased to say our fees won’t increase and for two private students studying together, the second student doesn’t pay.

We are noticing an increase in interest in the A2 Portuguese Language exam that is necessary for the Portuguese citizenship application process. The A2 exam is split into four parts covering reading, writing, speaking and listening.  Each section carries an equal number of marks and covers the sort of interactions we have in everyday situations.

In the speaking section, candidates are expected to engage in a basic conversation with a partner about themselves and talk about a picture, or do a role play for example. Then, in the listening part, there are 25 multiple-choice questions based on a series of short audio recordings such as an announcement at a train station. For the reading there is a series of multiple-choice questions based on simple written texts and finally in the written section, produce two short texts for example an email to a friend or a list.

Whatever your needs, we offer tuition to suit you. Obviously, not all our students want to do Portuguese language exams. However, our A1 courses are specifically aimed at A2 so that everyone has the requisite skills for the A2 exam if they choose to do it. Our students complete level A1 in groups or private lessons, then, if necessary they can have some private lessons for exam practice.  We have found this approach to be effective and we have helped many students achieve A2 level success and beyond. Potential students should note that A2 indicates a higher level of fluency in Portuguese than A1.

So, to find out more, why not get in touch?

(+351) 935 456 388 – Mobile/ WhatsApp
(chamada para a rede móvel nacional / call to the national mobile service network)
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