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Happy horses and riders

Horse enthusiasts attended a seminar and demonstration on the principles of saddle fitting at Pinetrees Riding Centre in Almancil on April 11.

Owner Beverley Gibbons offered her facilities for the benefit of horses and riders who came together to learn how to improve the wellbeing and welfare of horses.

Two specialist saddle fitters from the UK, Dean Woodward and Gini Mortimore, presented an informative session, which included a ridden demonstration by Pru Clayton-Mead of Equus Ourique on her horse Jimmy.  She rode first with a newly designed Iberian saddle and then a specialist dressage saddle. 

The two expert saddle fitters design and fit saddles and regularly visit other European countries, and promote a variety of different saddles for different uses (see examples on

A talk was also held in the evening to help riders assess the fit of their own saddle, how to recognise back problems and how to avoid damaging the horse’s back.

Annemijn Drupsteen, human and horse physiotherapist in the Algarve, spoke on the subject of back problems in horses caused by saddles that do not fit. 

Proceeds from the day were donated to the Welfare Fund of the Algarve Riding Club. 

For more information, please contact 913 203 610