Happy 21st Pinetrees

Pinetrees Riding Centre celebrates with Horse and Hound

On Sunday, July 30, Pinetrees Riding Centre will be hosting a Horse and Hound competition, with horses and riders teaming up with a dog and handler to complete an obstacle course against the clock. Come along and participate, or just watch! Gifts for the animals and trophies for the riders and handlers will be provided by the sponsors of the event – Torrejão Clinica Veterinária and Merrylegs Pets Resort.

As well as to mark its 21st birthday, the event is also being held as a fundraiser for Riding for the Disabled in the Algarve (RDA) and St. Francisco Kennels Loulé (situated between Almancil and Loulé). Refreshments will be available and there will also be a raffle organised by RDA helpers.

Pinetrees asks for a 10 euro contribution from the rider and handler, with the monies raised being divided between the two charities. The proceeds of the refreshments and raffle, organised by RDA volunteers, will go directly to the RDA.

The courses will be fun and not too hard. One of Merrylegs’ well-trained dogs will demonstrate the course at the start, so that you can see how it should be done!

First, the dog and handler complete their round (the dog should be on the lead – but you can pick him/her up if you wish!) and then return to the box where the horse and rider are waiting. On entering this area, the horse and rider may start their round of either jumps or an obstacle course. Both rounds are timed. You will have an opportunity to practice the course with your dog half an hour before the event.

The fastest team will be presented with the Torrejão Clinica Veterinária and Merrylegs Pets Resort trophy. There will also be lots of other special gifts for participating horses and dogs.

Please inform Pinetrees, by Friday, July 28, of the names of the members in your team: dog and handler, horse and rider. However, if you do not have a complete team, no problem! Let them know and they will endeavour to pair you up. Handlers are recommended to wear comfortable footwear suitable for running over the wood chip area surface. Horse riders may dress smart but casual, not forgetting their riding boots, jodhpurs and riding hat.

For more information, or to register your team contact Pinetrees on 289 394 369, by e-mail [email protected] or fax 289 394 489.