Happy 124th anniversary

FARO MUNICIPAL bombeiros celebrate their 124th anniversary this week and, to mark the milestone, a series of initiatives and commemorations are being organised to raise awareness about the important work they do in the borough.

Earlier this week, the Faro bombeiros’ headquarters were temporarily transferred to Parque da Pontinha in the centre of the downtown area, with the aim of developing community relations. Information was provided to the general public concerning the daily work of the bombeiros, there was also a simulated lifesaving drill at Jardim Manuel Bivar and a diving exercise at Faro harbour.

Today (Friday, December 1) flags will be hoisted at the official headquarters of Faro bombeiros at 9am and there will be a special visit to the city’s cemetery at 9.30am to pay tribute to those bombeiros who lost their lives in service.

At 10am there will be a parade featuring fire engines, ambulances and many bombeiros on foot, followed by a reception at the fire station. Finally, at 11.15am, the bombeiros will stand to attention for a formal visit from the President of Faro Câmara, José Apolinário.