Handicapped youths introduced to the catering and garden industries

Over the past six years, Algarve children’s charity ACCA has played a key role in a scholarship programme developed for young handicapped trainees at Faro-based association AAPACDM (Associação Algarvia de Pais e Amigos das Crianças Diminuídas Mentais) to introduce them to the catering and garden industries, and awaken an interest in working.

The association has also created a restaurant environment – ACCA helped to fund the purchase of chairs – where students prepare and serve meals every Friday.

ACCA’s bursary of €600 per month was made in memory of Brian Pereira, one of the founder members of the charity.

AAPACDM staff, under the direction of Marta Cavaco, recommend who should benefit from ACCA’s scholarship money each month, to ensure that all trainees are motivated to achieve better standards.

The ‘awards’ are used by the trainees in various ways – to maintain good levels of hygiene, to pay for bus passes to attend courses or for needed medications.

Meanwhile, first-aid kits were donated by ACCA to AAPACDM. Although the association is supported by the government and by members, it has no budget for essential items such as first-aid kits, not even the basic creams or band aids. Thus ACCA, with generous donations from Jacqui Vehlow of the Estética Group and IBC Security, was able to provide them.

The work of ACCA
ACCA helps those in need in different ways, covering the cost of much-needed therapies and treatments that range from physical and psychological to the practical, with the supply of special equipment that will make a difference to a child’s development.

The charity’s small committee raises funds throughout the year, working with businesses and organisations which sponsor events, and individuals who have chosen to donate to ACCA’s causes.

Picture: AAPACDM director Marta Cavaco (left) and ACCA’s Gwenda Daud with the first-aid kits