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Hand luggage fiasco

Dear Editor,

With reference to Paul Harrison’s letter regarding low cost airline Ryanair.

I also avoid flying with them at all cost and likewise have found the cabin crew to be less than courteous on the occasions that I have no choice but to fly with them.

My main issue, however, comes down to luggage allowance, a complaint that applies equally to easyJet. I take regular short trips on business for which I carry hand luggage only; a small case for some clothes and toiletries plus my laptop bag/briefcase. Both of them combined always weigh under 10 kilos but I am forced to squeeze my briefcase inside my allowed carry on bag and over time this has damaged both items of luggage.

As soon as I am on the plane I remove the briefcase and see many other business travellers doing exactly the same. What do these airlines gain from inconveniencing their customers to this extent?

Steve Johnson,