Hamper of essential foods costs €2 more since IVA was eliminated

Price increases evident after just three weeks of ‘zero IVA’

The much-touted elimination of IVA (value added tax) on 46 food products considered ‘essential’ has not really made much difference. Certain foods, like spaghetti, have reduced in price by a few cents, but overall the ‘essential hamper’ has increased €2 in price in just three weeks.

Foods that have “contributed most to the price increase” are potatoes, onions, lettuce, broccoli and chicken breasts, says Lusa news agency.

To be precise, IVA was eliminated on April 18, at a point where the ‘essential hamper’ of 46 foods cost €156.44. Now, that same hamper costs €158.44.

This news refers to food purchased at a supermarket/ hypermarket chain. People taking the time to visit weekly farmers’ markets will find very different prices – but these rarely sell chicken breasts and other items on the ‘essentials’ list.

As Lusa stresses, some items have reduced in price – not just spaghetti; others have stayed the same. But overall, IVA zero hasn’t even touched the sides of families’ struggle against inflation.

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