Hamlet shows off students’ acting ability

news: Hamlet shows off students’ acting ability

The well known work of the Bard is certainly not the easiest to perform and even more difficult for students who are not rehearsing it full time. Hamlet’s reluctance to take the life of someone else is the heart of the story. From the onset of the play, Pedro Moreira’s portrayal of Hamlet is outstanding. We witnessed his acting ability last year in “Lion King” and now it was also evident in “Hamlet”. On equal with Pedro was the great acting talent of Jessica Woolfson as Horatio and Alessandra Corrêa as Queen Gertrude.

The fight scene between Hamlet and Matthias Thompson as King Claudius had gasps from the audience, who were enthralled by the performance. The standing ovation after the bloody ending of Hamlet was well deserved.

The Resident caught up with the American play director and English and drama teacher at St Dominic’s, Madeline Raynolds. “We wanted to do a Shakespeare play and ‘Hamlet’ was challenging for us,” she said and went on to explain that “Romeo and Juliet” had been overworked and that some of Shakespeare’s other works were too racist. “The students have worked so hard to portray their characters, their effort and commitment have been first class and I am proud of the ability of each and every one of them.” Bob Hughes