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Half of Portugal’s African descendants “have trouble making ends meet”

Almost half of the citizens of African descent in Portugal (48%) surveyed in a European study released today expressed great difficulty in making ends meet, says the European Agency for Fundamental Rights. The percentage for this indicator was 45% in Spain, 42% in Italy, 33% in Belgium and France and 32% in Sweden. The lowest figures were in Poland and Denmark (9%) and Finland (13%). “In 2022, the number of Europeans who could not afford to keep their homes adequately heated rose to more than 40 million (9.3% of the population),” reads the report, according to which people of African descent are twice as likely (14%) as the general public (7%) to be unable to afford to keep their homes heated. The only plus point was that African descendants in Portugal feel little racism/ discrimination compared to African descendants in most other European countries.