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Half marathon success

Touchelle Smyth completed the Lisbon half marathon on Sunday in two hours and 26 minutes, surpassing her own expectations and pushing her fundraising efforts to a massive 8,500 euros for the Run4Rod appeal.

Despite only training for five weeks, Touchelle ran the entire 21 kilometres, helped all the way by Shirley Emilio in a bid to raise money for her husband Rod who requires a life saving kidney transplant operation in the UK.

“I never had any doubt she would do this and hope she realises this, there are very few people who could have done what she did,” said Shirley Emilio.

Touchelle Smyth said: “The run was fantastic, and I ran all the way. It had never crossed my mind that I would do so well because I have only ever run for an hour and a half at the most and going past that was stepping into the unknown.

“The response to doing the run has been overwhelming and there are still many sponsor forms to collect in from the race so the current total of around 8,500 euros is bound to increase.”

For further information, or to make a donation, please visit www.run4rod.com or alternatively call Touchelle on 919 910 139.