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Guilherme in America

Four year old Guilherme Sequeira, who was born with multiple health disorders disabling his development and his physical movement, has now began long awaited treatment in America.

Following financial support from ACCA, an organisation helping children in need throughout the Algarve, Guilherme and his parents were able to travel to the Therapies4Kids clinic in Florida.

Due to treatment received so far, Guilherme’s speech has now developed, enabling him to answer questions, say his name and age and also address family members by their names.

He is also able to walk, jump and keep his balance, all things which he never could to before.

In a thank you statement to ACCA, Bruno Sequeira, Guilherme’s father, said: “I have no words to express how thankful I am. My son is my life and seeing him getting better means everything to me.”

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