Guide: How to Bet Online in Portugal

Guide: How to Bet Online in Portugal

Online betting is a popular activity in Portugal. Each year, the Portuguese online gambling industry grows from strength to strength, and more newcomers are looking to jump on board. With the help of and other resources, we have put together a guide on how to bet online in Portugal.

Regulation and laws

Online gambling has been legal in Portugal since 2015 – around the same time that the industry exponentially began to grow. However, that isn’t to say you’re perfectly safe as you need to remain diligent.

Online betting is regulated in Portugal, and only licensed operators are allowed to offer online betting services to Portuguese residents. This means that you will need to choose a reputable, licensed operator in order to bet online legally in Portugal.

To find a licensed operator, you can visit the website of the Portuguese gambling regulator, Serviço de Regulação e Inspeção de Jogos (SRIJ). The SRIJ maintains a list of licensed operators and provides information about the types of games and services they are authorized to offer.

However, you can also use overseas companies that are regulated by credible bodies too.

The lottery

The lottery is a traditional activity for the Portuguese – something that people from all backgrounds and wealth do. The Euromillions is the largest prize available and can be played online. Simply pick your five numbers from the options given and hope for the best. In fact, almost all lottery companies now have online services available and are totally safe and legal.

Sports betting in Portugal

Portugal is a country obsessed with football; we saw that much from the recent world cup in Qatar. Football betting is possible from almost any licensed online sportsbook in Portugal, not to mention other betting markets like horse racing, futsal, and basketball.

Betting houses known as Casa de Apostas are widely available in Portugal too for sports betting, but online is simply faster, more convenient, and has a wider range of promotions. When betting online, you also have the benefit of comparing odds at different sites and getting the best value from your bets.

Getting the most out of online betting

The number one reason to bet online in Portugal over the traditional way of betting is that online companies are competing globally for your business. This, along with newer tech, has meant a big part of the way they operate is by handing out bonuses and promotions.

Simply browse different licensed betting companies to see what the best sign-up offer is. A good practice with online betting companies is always to have accounts with multiple sites for various reasons (spreading deposits, making use of different odds and advantages at each), but it also means benefiting from more bonuses.

Furthermore, when looking at bonuses, it’s important to read the terms and conditions and also consider future loyalty bonuses – a simple sign-up reward isn’t the only promotion possible. Because Portugal uses the Euro, it’s easy to consider other European betting sites too as the payment methods should align nicely – just ensure they’re regulated, credible, and have good customer service (in Portuguese, English, or a language you speak).

Don’t forget about betting houses

Whilst online is superior in almost every way, Portuguese people are very sociable and, therefore, there is still something that physical betting shops have to offer. A combination of the two can work well and it can be a place in which you tell each other your online bets earlier that day as well as the local, physical betting slips.

Betting the traditional way still holds a cultural significance, so we don’t want it to die out completely. Variety and connection are the spice of life.

Taxes on betting in Portugal

Taxes do exist when it comes to betting in Portugal – if you’re successful, you will have to hand over some of your winnings to the tax man. At 44% taxation, Portugal has higher taxes than many of its neighbours. However, this hasn’t stopped people from enjoying the activity as well as some being successful.

Poker in Portugal

Portuguese poker players are legally allowed to play poker online at a company that holds an SRIJ license. This is ideal for the poker players who live in smaller Portuguese towns where there is no casino or poker rooms nearby, as suddenly a world of players and tournaments is opened up.

Like the sports betting houses, real-life poker is great and holds its own unique advantages. But, it is the online players who are the best as they can play many more hands per hour than in real life, meaning you get way more practice.

But, once your skills are sharpened, Lisbon and Porto have many great casinos with live poker rooms to flex your new skills in. With any luck, your competition will be amateurs throwing money around with much less skill than the online players you’re used to facing.

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