Guia Chicken Festival returns this August

ALBUFEIRA CÂMARA has confirmed its support for the organisation of the 18th Guia Chicken Festival (Grande Festa do Frango da Guia), which will take place on August 5, 6 and 7, at the Campo de Futebol No. 2 in Guia, Albufeira.

The Câmara is sponsoring the event to the tune of 17,000 euros, offering logistical support and funding the equipment hire. This year, the artists confirmed for the entertainment show include well known Portuguese singers Tony Carreira, Tucha, Micaela, and José and Victor Guerreiro.

Entry prices are yet to be confirmed, but The Resident was informed that there will be three different entrance fees – one for food only, one for food and a seat for the show and another which includes food and a standing ticket for the entertainment. Profits made from the festival will be donated to Guia Football Club.

Piri-piri barbecued chicken is said to have first been served in Guia, now known as the Chicken Capital, in 1964. The delicious, traditional piri-piri Guia chicken is served at the festival as a celebration of its ‘discovery’ in the Albufeira town. Thousands of visitors are expected to attend the festival at Guia’s football field to enjoy a taste of this long-standing traditional cuisine.