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Guia Chicken Festival is back!

The popular Guia Chicken Festival is celebrating its 25th anniversary next month with – you guessed it – plenty of charcoal grilled chicken!

The Festa do Frango da Guia, taking place on August 4 and 5 at the Guia sports complex, will also incorporate the 6th Handicrafts Fair  (Feira do Artesanato) and musical entertainment from traditional Portuguese bands.

Piri-piri barbecued chicken is said to have first been served in Guia, now known as the Chicken Capital, in 1964.

Thousands of visitors are expected to attend the festival to enjoy a taste of this long-standing traditional dish.

Entry to the event, that runs each day from 7pm to midnight, costs €3.50 per person (not including meal or drinks).

For more information, please call Guia Parish Council on 289 561 103.