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Guia business plan Revised by Câmara

Albufeira Câmara announced the recent revision of the detailed plan of Guia’s commercial, industrial and services zone.

The Plano de Pormenor da Zona de Comércio, Indústria e Serviços da Guia, implemented in March 1999 and altered in August in 2004, was recently revised by the câmara with the objective of updating the areas defined for business in the plan.

According to the câmara, environmental concerns surrounding noise pollution and water supply have been taken into consideration and the plan’s intervention area was extended to include a hotel unit.

The revised plan, which was published in the government’s Diário da República in June,  is available for consultation at Albufeira Câmara or online at (consultas online/Planos Municipais O.T./ Planos de Pormenor)