Guadiana Cup chaos

Part of a temporary grandstand, one of two erected at the Municipal Stadium of Vila Real Santo António, collapsed on July 30 during the opening match of the Guadiana Cup between Benfica and Feyenoord, injuring six people.

The local municipality immediately prohibited its use for the game between Feyenoord and Aston Villa the following day.

Vila Real de Santo António Câmara Mayor Luís Gomes said: “A report into the incident was promptly submitted to the company responsible for the security and erection of the two stands but the company failed to correct the faults in time and we ordered that they be closed for the next game.

“The safety of all people who attend games is of the utmost importance. We must not allow similar situations to happen again.”

Problems were resolved in time for the last game of the tournament on August 1, between Benfica and Aston Villa, and the stands re-opened.