Guadiana Bridge renovations stuck in limbo

It has been over a year-and-a-half since renovations were announced for the Guadiana Bridge but they have yet to move forwards.

Portugal’s infrastructure authority (IP) is quoted as telling Correio da Manhã that it hopes to launch works “soon” yet it will not commit to a date.

Renovations were scheduled to start in the third quarter of 2016 but are reportedly still awaiting approval from the Court of Auditors.

As CM explains: “The lack of maintenance on the bridge is evident to anyone who uses it.”

There are potholes throughout the road surface, and last year one of the bridge’s suspension cables broke off and was left dangling for months (click here).

Removations will cost the Portuguese and Spanish governments around €13 million, says the paper.

The Guadiana Bridge is one of the largest in Portugal. It is 666 metres-long and connects the south of Spain (Ayamonte) to Castro Marim, over the Guadiana River.

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