Grumpy old resident

Every year millions of people die victims of malaria that could be prevented with a simple mosquito net.

Every year two million children die with diarrhoea that could be avoided with a serum that only costs 25 cents.

Every year 10 million people die with measles, pneumonia and diseases treatable with cheap vaccines.

But rarely anyone speaks about this.

Instead, when the bird flu came into view, the world was flooded with news about this issue.

They said that it was an epidemic and, the most dangerous of all, a pandemic.

The terrifying bird flu caused the deaths of 262 people in the total of 436 cases reported in the entire world – compared with the “common” flu that kills half a million people annually.

With bird flu, Roche and Relenza, the two largest pharmaceutical companies that sell the antiviral, earned millions of dollars in profit.  First bird flu, now it’s

the pigs.

Apparently there is a new phenomenon against the H1N1 virus – a vaccine!

For years no chemist was able to create an effective vaccine for common flu and, in just a few months, they will have the salvation for swine flu.

US company Gilead Sciences has the patent for Tamiflu. The shareholders must be delighted with the millions of Tamiflu sales.   But it seems the real pandemic is the huge profits made by these health companies.

If the World Health Organisation is so concerned with swine flu, why doesn’t it declare it a worldwide disaster and allow the manufacture of generic drugs to combat it?