Growing up – I am a dog

Dear Editor,

My cat and dog were both strays and they are about the same age and grew up together.  My dog is actually a bitch and it is hard to tell whether she plays “mother” or “big sister”.  Either way they are very close. 

Growing up – I am a dog

I am getting bigger day by day.

I am really happy and I love to play.

My head is high and my legs are long.

My body is powerful and I am strong.

I have a brother who’s younger than me.

He is not a dog, but a cat actually.

It does not make any difference at all.

It’s just I am big and he is small.

Although he’s small he can be feisty.

Now and again I let him get the better of me.

But when I want to show who is boss,

I grab him by the scruff and give him a toss.

People get scared that he will suffer,

But little cats don’t come much tougher.

When I am lying down and he thinks I sleep,

He focuses on my tail and begins to creep.

He pounces on my head with his paws

And scratches my nose with his claws.

He chews my ear and my tail,

And only runs off when I begin to wail.

But we are the best of friends he knows.

I am looking after him until he grows.

When I am sleeping by my mistress in front of the telly,

He curls himself up – on my belly!

Sandra Pressman

By email