Growing strong from the inside

Intermarché organises teambuilding activities with teams from Lagos, Aljezur, Budens and Alvor

Intermarché believes in enabling its staff to explore their potential, as this is the basis for the success for any business or individual. With the start of a new year, the group reflected on how to help its teams become even more effective and generate results.

With that in mind, in February 2019, the supermarket giant started the Be You Inter project, co-ordinated by Rafaela Mendes. The group first planned two team-building weekends with groups from the Lagos, Aljezur, Budens and Alvor stores, to work on individual appreciation, self-esteem and identity. The days started with activities dedicated to nature and challenging the body, as participants clambered their way into the treetops thanks to partner Parque Aventura, in Lagos. Everyone pulled together and self-esteem soared as personal obstacles were overcome and goals achieved.

Surrounded by nature at Parque Aventura, the group enjoyed lunch at picnic tables with mostly vegetarian and vegan options. Since Intermarché is increasingly aware of its environmental impact, not only did participants limit their meat-consumption, but all the utensils used were made of recycled and recyclable material. After lunch, the group put on protective suits and helmets for a fun-filled session of paintball, in order to achieve a common goal.

As dedicated as Intermarché is to physical exercise, the afternoons were reserved for the mind and inner health. Elsa Gaspar from Cru com Saúde, an expert on the topic of raw food, enlightened participants about the significance of consuming raw vegetables, which are an essential source of vitality. With Elsa’s guidance, the teams prepared some delicious treats for an afternoon snack, such as sumo da luz — or green juice —, rejuvelac (a fermented super drink), homemade oat milk, peanut butter and even vegan sushi.

Drawing the days to a close was a yoga session with Anita Leal. Between the challenge of balancing the body and resting the mind, after all that exertion it was no wonder that some participants fell into a deep sleep thanks to Anita’s expert guidance. Feeling balanced and restored, team members left the session wanting to start practicing yoga and to implement raw eating tips into their lives.

Intermarché is proud as a company to provide these exceptional moments to its teams, to make them feel special and show that it believes in their potential.

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