Grisly Leipzig murder of Portuguese émigré now linked to “German serial killer”

The mystery of what led to the brutal killing and subsequent dismembering of a Portuguese émigré in Leipzig is leading German police to the theory that they are dealing with a serial killer.

Since the torso of Lídia Maria da Cruz was found in the Elster river four months ago, two further grisly bags of body parts have surfaced – both in more or less the same area.

Initially, police developed the theory that Cruz may have been murdered by a friend who subsequently came to Portugal and was found dead in Lisbon (click here).

TVI24 explained at the time that authorities were trying to find a link that could close the case.

What appeared certain was that the dead woman was killed in the friend’s apartment.

According to German news service Mopo24, “police found blood traces” from Cruz in the apartment where she is understood to have stayed from time to time “in the Grunau district”.

But since then, new lines of inquiry have opened.

The subsequent dismembered bodies, of a Tunisian woman and later of a Tunisian man, led to the arrest of a third Tunisian, “but police continue their investigations”, reports Correio da Manhã, in the hope that Cruz’s horrible death can at last be fully explained.

In April, the 43-year-old woman’s family were at a loss to imagine what motive could have led to her death as despite having a troubled personal relationship with her long-term Portuguese boyfriend, she had “always appeared happy” when she telephoned home.