Greenvolt CEO João Manso Neto
Greenvolt CEO João Manso Neto has been linked for years to suspicions of corruption within EDP, where he held various positions, but the case has not reached any kind of conclusion: not even in the form of issuing charges. Image: Expresso (

Greenvolt buys over 50% of Ireland’s Enerpower for €25 million

Portugal’s Greenvolt Group has reached an agreement to buy 50.24% of the capital of Ireland’s Enerpower for €25 million, with the possibility of increasing the stake to 100% in 2028, the group has announced today in a statement that says the deal will allow Greenvolt to “strengthen its commitment to the distributed renewable energy generation segment by entering Ireland”. Enerpower is based in Waterford, Ireland, and operates in the distributed generation segment focused on the commercial and industrial sector and has a portfolio of clients including PepsiCo, Lidl, Pfizer and Virgin Media.