“Greenest countries list” sees Portugal in third place behind Norway and Switzerland

A ‘Good Country Index’ puts Portugal in third place on a list of 153 countries concerned with the environment.

Citing our recycling and composting systems, the index highlights Portugal’s focus on harnessing renewable energies and teaching children in schools towards “making everyday green efforts a reality”.

Considering the size and wealth of so many other countries involved, Portugal has done exceptionally to rank below only Norway (1st place) and Switzerland.

The UK, for example, comes in at 23rd place.

Next-door neighbour Spain ranks at number 19.

Picking up on the story, the BBC stresses also that Portugal has been “an early leader in investing in a full network of charging stations for electric cars (which was free until just recently), and has incentivised citizens to install solar power and renewable energy with lower rates and the opportunity to sell energy back to the grid”.

The index also mentioned ‘electric scooter rentals’ that have kicked off in Lisbon and are being more and more seen as the eco-friendly way to see the capital.

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