Green Receipts up for discussion in parliament

A PETITION signed by nearly 5,000 people against the use of green receipts is to be handed to the Portuguese parliament at the end of January.

At the heart of the matter is the widespread use and abuse of green receipts by companies on a permanent or regular basis for the payment of services to avoid having to contract employers onto a payroll.

The organisation FERVE, Fartos d’Estes Recibos Verdes (fed up with these green receipts), complains that those independent liberal professionals using green receipts, such as freelancers, have to pay ridiculously high national insurance contributions, Segurança Social, and have no right to holiday subsidies whereby contracted employees receive two salaries in August and December.

The 4,360 name petition is particularly aimed at the so-called ‘false green receipts’ so widespread in the public administration, local municipal Câmaras and the private sector, and which have been tacitly accepted by the government as part of the European Union’s flexi-security policy.

The petition also states that “there are thousands of people that are contracted to exercise functions in public institutions as independent workers, a situation that allows them to be easily sacked, without any rights to unemployment benefit”.

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