‘Green chefs’ celebrate zero-waste cooking

‘Green chefs’ celebrate zero-waste cooking

Chef Carlos Teixeira joins chef João Viegas for another Reach for the Stars Green Edition; Pairing by renowned mixologist Javier Caballero

The second dinner of the series Reach for the Stars Green Edition will take place on September 12 at Atlântico Restaurant at Vila Vita Parc in Porches.

The event will feature chef Carlos Teixeira from Herdade do Esporão, who, together with resident chef João Viegas, will present seasonal flavours paired with the cocktail creations of Javier Caballero, considered “one of the most celebrated mixologists of our time”.

Recognised in 2022 with a Michelin star and the Michelin Green star, Chef Carlos Teixeira’s work focuses on the respect for ingredients, for nature and for the “zero waste” way of life, using ingredients from an extensive vegetable garden and from the Herdade’s own animal production in his menus.

Practices and commitments undertaken by the Herdade do Esporão restaurant include composting and zero-waste cooking.

Dedicated to enhancing sustainable practices increasingly visible in restaurants, the Reach for the Stars Green Edition series has been taking place at Atlântico restaurant where Chef João Viegas welcomes other chefs who share the same vision of “reducing the carbon footprint at work, using seasonal and locally sourced ingredients”.

The evening begins at the House Bar at 6.30pm with cocktails by Galician mixologist Javier Caballero, followed by dinner at 7.30pm at the Atlântico restaurant, where he will also participate with some of the best flavours of mixology.

The tasting menu costs €105 per person, with the possibility of wine pairing for €45 pp. Advance booking is recommended on +351 282 310 100 or [email protected]

This set of dinners dedicated to “green cuisine” is part of the programme dedicated to gastronomy in the context of Vila Vita Parc’s 30th anniversary celebration.

For more information on the events calendar, visit 30 years celebration programme