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Green airlines

CONVENTIONAL AIRLINE tickets were scrapped on Sunday last week saving the airline industry an estimated two billion Euros a year.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) member companies will now only issue electronic tickets.

TAP is among the 240 IATA companies, representing 94 per cent of all air traffic worldwide, that since last year has issued 98 per cent of its tickets electronically.

“As of Sunday, TAP will issue 100 per cent electronic tickets for all of its routes,” said a TAP spokesman.

IATA issued a statement last week claiming the move would save the airline industry 2.2 billion euros a year.

It also stated that it was an environmentally friendly initiative that would save 50,000 trees from being felled.


Electronic tickets are stored on computers that allow passengers to use one single ticket or reference number to cover all parts of their journey including those involving multiple airline companies. Passengers can print off their tickets directly from an airline website via the internet and their printer.

Conventional paper tickets in triplicate had existed since the 1920s while TAP began issuing electronic tickets for the first time in 1997 on its Lisbon-Funchal route.

From 1998, it began to gradually widen the routes covered by electronic tickets with São Tomé and Guinea Bissau the last remaining routes to still have conventional tickets up until Sunday.

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