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Greedy golf course developers

Dear Editor,

The Algarve bases its rapidly failing economy on near enough 100% attracting tourists, yet my not unique opinion of Portugal/Algarve is of a litany of errors resulting in a continuing mess of lost opportunities due to inept ministers, corruption and, in the case of attracting golfers, greedy course developers!

This latter fact is plain to see via the often empty courses that continue to expect cash-strapped visitors to shell out obscene green fees of up to €100 plus each to play.

The course managements of Algarve live on another planet where the world economy has not gone into free fall for the past years!

Historically Portugal should have developed a sound economy because it did not suffer any of the terrible hardships experienced by Europe, the UK, between 1914-1946 and up to present day.

When a Government minister exposes his stupidity to a wide audience, much of what has been totally wrong and is ongoing is clearly exposed: “The rise from 6% to 23% will have little impact on tourism /golf course income from visitors” – really?

Where did they find this fool? With others who also naively think the cost of living will magically go down as all the food and basic services charges also carry the 23% hike, on top of the penal toll charges now imposed – watch them rise with inflation!

The public worldwide have been treated as fools by the bankers and their allies in politics/business who have been exposed continually as incompetent self serving crooks. Now, yet again, the public at large are going to pay dearly for these clowns’ errors.

It’s time for people generally to say enough because the future stinks for generations to come.

P.S. Airline operators have their snouts in the trough too with their baggage charges – £80 for a cycle or golf bag! That has nothing to do with saving the planet or reducing carbon emissions, only upping their profits!

JOHN TURNER, by email