Greater contact with citizens in the capital

Porto de Lisboa (PL), the port of Lisbon, commemorated its centenary on the weekend of March 17.

PL President Manuel Frasquilho said the port was vitally important for the capital and for the metropolitan area of Greater Lisbon.

“The port’s greatest contribution to the city is its capacity as a major port of call for both tourist cruise ships and container vessels on an international level. Today, the port and its activities represent around five per cent of Greater Lisbon’s Gross Domestic Product,” he said.


Despite covering the whole of the Greater Lisbon riverside on both banks, Frasquilho believes that the PL has made a considerable contribution towards what he called “spacial integration” in some semi-urban areas along the riverfront.

“Over the years there have been some accusations that PL dock infrastructures have created eyesores and divisions between the beauty of the river and the city’s citizens. I understand, but don’t accept these criticisms and think we should see things in a different light,” he said.

Frasquilho intends to create various initiatives, such as nautical events and guided visits to better acquaint people with the port and its function and increase contact between it and Lisbon inhabitants.

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