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Great T-bones from the German butcher

What has to be one of the best little butcher shops in the Algarve is hidden away off the EN125 in Porches, alongside Vila Vita Parc’s Biergarten restaurant.
Considering that this is, after all, a German butcher shop, most of the clientele are understandably German residents and the speciality here is the authentic German-style sausages and cured meats, all prepared on-site from organically produced pigs at the resort’s own farm in the Alentejo.
But for those in the know, this is also the place to buy some of the best meat around, especially the T-bone steaks.
The prices are comparable to those of good quality meats to be found at any other butcher or quality supermarket, but what appeals to me about these steaks, apart from the beautifully marbled, tender and richly-flavoured meat, is the fact that the cattle are reared just a 90-minute drive away in the Alentejo, as opposed to having been flown in from afar.
These are proper T-bones, sold individually and cut to different thicknesses, or you can buy a rack of them for a first class rib roast.
Grill your T-bones for a few minutes each side over hot (real) charcoal for that authentic steakhouse flavour.
By PATRICK STUART [email protected]
Photo: Shutterstock