“Great need to provide urgent support to pets”

ARA’s emotional first day on Polish-Ukraine border

Algarve Animal Rescue has reached its destination on the Polish-Ukraine border and is valiantly trying to do its bit for the developing humanitarian crisis.

Today’s first ‘post’ from the frontline explains that volunteers have been making contact with other animal NGOs and finding out what is needed and where.

All donations transported from the Algarve have already been delivered to the Leczinca Dla Malych Zwierzat ADA veterinary clinic, and other centres caring for animals (including horses and pigs, caught up in the chaos).

Medical supplies and various equipment have also been sent down the line to reach places where it is most needed in Ukraine.

Say volunteers, it was a “long and exhausting journey” – and the first day showed how clearly there is “a great need to provide urgent support to pets that are accompanying the constant flow of refugees, as well as those who are forced to be abandoned by their families”.

Other NGOs on the ground have been describing harrowing incidents where animals waiting with their owners in long queues are then ‘not accepted’ on the basis that their papers are not in order (or not in evidence).

These can be ‘sent back’ to Ukraine, where their only hope is animal lovers who have made the journey specifically for this kind of setback.

ARA is thus finding its feet in a very complicated situation. We expect more news from the ‘frontline’ of humanitarian response shortly.

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