Great music for dancing by NOJB

The New Orleans Jazz Band has performed at Tavira Garden three times already this year, each time to a full house. The next concert there will be on Saturday, May 6.

The current line-up is Ray Charsley (trumpet/vocals), Dave Lawson (clarinet/saxophones), John Ballinger (trombone/vocals), Cory Sea (guitar), Luís Hilário (double bass) and Tony Scriven (drums/leader/vocals).

The band plays a mixture of blues, stomps, marches, spirituals and ragtime.

“The band’s enthusiasm is infectious and their music appeals to all ages and nationalities,” says Lynne Booker from organisers Algarve History Association. “Don’t forget to decorate your umbrellas for the famous Umbrella Parade. There is a prize for the most unusual umbrella.”

The band will play three 50-minute sets starting at 6.30 pm. Tickets cost €10. Food is available but it needs to be pre-ordered (€10).

To book, contact Ana Isabel Biscaia on 914 491 644 or email [email protected]