Flor da Praça restaurant

Great food, tradition and culture in Loulé

Flor da Praça returns to revitalise traditional gastronomy and create lasting memories in the centre of Loulé

Next to the emblematic Loulé Municipal Market, Flor da Praça restaurant, dating from the early 60s, tells the story of several generations that left their mark there. It is the meeting point in the heart of the town for locals and visitors.

The Mendes brothers, José, João, Catarina, Aida and Carolina, taking advantage of the experience of those who grew up in catering, in the family and tradition, threw themselves into this project for the sake of what they love to do – serve well and dignify the roots of Loulé, the town where they were born and raised.

Flor da Praça restaurant

From the countryside to the city, the strategy is to “uncomplicate, to bring together”. Flor da Praça is an everyday restaurant, serving local, fresh products of the season and the day.

“Our specialty is charcoal grilling, and we will continue to focus on what we are good at,” says Zé Mendes, one of the managing partners. For locals, the restaurant is within easy reach, in a central location, featuring typical dishes and daily suggestions, and boasting a relaxed atmosphere and good service. Tourists can expect traditional Algarve food served on the table.

Flor da Praça restaurant

Quality, freshness, location, novelty and the encounter with culture and art are what make this new space so special. Tradition is made of good memories and here you can expect to create new happy memories.

Flor da Praça is located at Rua José Fernandes Guerreiro, 44, Loulé. Call 937 087623 or 289 047 226

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