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Granny’s got talent

A grandmother from Beijing has become China’s latest sensation after an energetic Michael Jackson-inspired, dance routine on national television.

Bai Shuying, 65, appeared on the first episode of the new season of China’s Got Talent, a hugely popular franchise of the British show.

Bai Shuying, whose grandson is named Michael after the late pop star, has won plaudits for her self-taught dancing.

Asked how she choreographed the routine, she replied that she had worked on it at home after she “bought a tape recorder”.

She said she felt Michael Jackson was “too beautiful, too moving, too inspiring” and that she loved “hip hop dancing”.

In recent years, Beijing has seen a mushrooming number of “hip hop grannies”, elderly pensioners taking hip-hop dance classes at the gym and then practicing in the city’s parks.