Grandparents’ Association spreads its wings to Portugal

ASK ANY grandparent what gives them most contentment in life and their grandchildren will probably come close to the top of the list. Fortunately, most grandparents are free to enjoy a close and loving relationship with their families and share in the development of their grandchildren. Yet many are banned from seeing their grandchildren as a result of family breakdown or other emotional upset.

The Grandparents’ Association, formed in the UK in 1987, has been campaigning for years for a greater voice for grandparents. It tries to help those who are concerned that they do not see their grandchildren due to divorce, separation, family feud, adoption or any other reason resulting in them being denied contact.

As well as offering support and legal advice for the grandparents, the associations’ main objective is to improve the lives of children. They believe that a special relationship exists between grandchildren and their grandparents and, if severed, then the welfare of the child could be affected.

With more and more people choosing to live in Portugal during their retirement, the UK based charity is spreading its wings and hopes to recruit members out here, offering them the same support, knowledge and advice to keep that vital link with their grandchildren open.

Membership costs 22 euros for an individual and 29,50 euros for a family, and is open to all grandparents and any individual or organisation who supports their aims.

For more information about the services the association has to offer, visit their website at or call their UK advice line on 0044 (0)1279 444 964.