Grandmother-behind-bars finally given appeal documents

Following gathering pressure on prison authorities, Portuguese grandmother Teresa Kirk has finally been allowed access to the appeal papers that her lawyer needs in order to present her appeal.

Barrister Colin Challenger’s bid to free the 71-year-old – jailed ‘in secret’ two months ago for holding out against a country council that demanded she return her brother from a Tavira care home to one in UK – could even be heard today, Mrs Kirk’s former husband Chris has told us.

“He thinks maybe next week, once Teresa is free, they will be able to compile an appeal to reinstate Teresa’s position regarding her brother’s care”, Chris said.

As the Resident has explained, Teresa Kirk was sent to jail for six months, for contempt of court, even though she has Power of Attorney over her 81-year-old Alzheimer sufferer brother’s affairs.

It is a story that has been further hampered from exposure in UK due to press reporting restrictions (click here).

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Photo caption: In much happier days, Teresa Kirk in the foreground, with her bother Manuel Martins – before he became ill with dementia and Alzheimer’s – beside her, enjoying a family occasion.