Grandfather confesses to putting premature grandchild into the rubbish

A man, presumed to be the father of a young woman rushed into hospital last night, has confessed to putting the premature baby she had just delivered into the rubbish.

The infant, discovered “still showing signs of life” at around midnight last night, has since died.

The baby appears to have been around roughly two months premature.

The circumstances of the delivery and everything that followed are now the subject of a PJ police investigation.

According to reports, the mother – aged 22 – was rushed into Amadora-Sintra hospital suffering heavy bleeding at around 9pm last night.

The baby appears to have been discovered around three hours later, “in the rubbish” at Casal da Barôta, in Belas, an area of Sintra.

Tabloid Correio da Manhã claims the infant “showed signs of life”, but died shortly after firefighters arrived at the scene.

A great deal of this story is still to come clear, but the fact that it follows an almost medieval story last week on the death of a child seemingly ‘discarded’ by everyone involved in her short life, shows how morally deprived certain sections of society remain in Portugal’s 21st century.

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