Governor backs local security

ANTÓNIO PINA, Faro’s Civil Governor, has given his backing to a new plan to devolve responsibility for the region’s security to local authorities.

Speaking to entrepreneurs at an event promoted by the Associação Empresarial de Almancil (Amancil business association), Pina addressed a number of important issues. He said support for more devolved security had come from Globalgarve, Associação do Municípios do Algarve (AMAL), the Algarve municipalities association, and Associação do Comércio e Serviços da Região do Algarve (ACRA), the Algarve association of trade and services, in partnership with security forces. Pina said that the Ministry of Internal Administration also backed the proposal.

The governor also trumpeted reduced crime figures, noting 1,200 fewer burglaries this May compared to the same month last year. Pina stressed that the Algarve’s most troubled areas now benefited from reinforced security, pointing to an additional 1,500 police officers this year. He also defended the advantages of increased video surveillance and denied that additional security at resorts had come at the expense of the interior.Pina said Portugal should welcome immigrants by integrating them into society, but stressed the importance of continuing to battle against illegal immigration. He also warned business leaders and the wider population of the urgent need to be economical with water. “If we all save water, we can get through the hottest months without water cuts,” he said. He praised the fact that a single command structure now existed to coordinate fire fighting operations and that the region now had three helicopters at its disposal.