José Luís Carneiro
A safe pair of hands? José Luís Carneiro, current minister for interior administration. Image: António Pedro Santos/ Lusa

Government’s most popular minister ‘ponders’ standing for leadership

José Luís Carneiro, the government’s most popular minister (according to recent polls) is said to be ‘pondering’ running for party leadership, now that prime minister António Costa has resigned. Mr Carneiro has had a faultless run at the Ministry of Internal Administration, managing to steer the country through one of the hottest summers on record, with the least number of fires; the lowest expanse of damage, and not one death recorded. He was also accomplished as Secretary of State for the Communities. As ministers go, there has not been one whiff of ‘possible malfeasance’/ cronyism or anything else untoward anywhere near him. He admits he has been urged to step forwards, by fellow PS militants, and a number of independent citizens.