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Government to support regeneration project

THE GOVERNMENT has announced that it will financially support a massive multi-million euro re-generation project for Lisbon’s historic Baixa Chiado, Ribeirinha and Terreiro do Paço zones.

Lisbon Câmara president, Carmona Rodrigues welcomed the move by saying it was good news for the city.

At a press conference in the câmara’s offices the president reacted with satisfaction at the news from environmental, ordinance and regional development minister, Francisco Nunes Correia.

The government has promised to provide funds for the river front development in Lisbon between Cais do Sodré and Santa Apolónia stations.

The project has been developed by a special commission, headed by câmara officer Nogueira Pinto, which has put forward a vast package of measures designed to breathe new life into a run-down former industrial and dockyard zone of the city.

The project envisages the following major changes:

• Creating new and improving existing public spaces.

• Improving mobility for both pedestrians and motorists.

• Restoring waterfront buildings.

• Creating an open-air commercial space.

• Restoring the Convent of São Francisco and integrating it with cultural spaces.

• Restoring and re-designating the public 18th century buildings around Terreiro do Paço. 

The various projects are to be carried out in two stages: 2007 to 2010 and 2010 to 2020.

Carmona Rodrigues said that he was extremely satisfied that the government was to include the câmara in the consortium of companies and groups which would promote the initiatives (government 60 per cent, câmara 40 per cent) of public money.

“We will now work out the terms with the government by which this consortium will operate as well as its financing,” he said.

Nogueira Pinto also welcomed the initiative and, in particular the government’s speedy response, which would mean that the whole project could now go forward.

She added that the urban regeneration of the area was a vast project involving collective entities including the câmara, the government and other public and private companies and organisations.

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